Perspective // Empathy EP


The darkness descends over me like a black fog, clutching me in its grasp.

I shut my eyes to ground myself and that’s when I see you. Your light is warming and holds my in embrace.
All I see is you.

You immerse my soul to a point of complete tranquility. The aches in my bones disappear as they sink, into the earth.
I am only human. I hear your voice, which sends shivers down my spine.

Memories hacking away at me bit by bit. The sorrow I feel grows deeper. Your voice growing louder. Words so delicately threaded together. Like my fingers through your hair, the memory fades. “Never goodbye, only goodnight”. I shut my eyes, so I can see you.

I felt you slip away from me, nothing will ever haunt me more.
Without you I lose sense and feeling. Have I chosen a life, not fit for living? I tell myself everything will be alright.
While every day I see a part of you reflect in me, it reminds me to give this life meaning.


Artwork by:
Nick Runge –
Instagram: @nickvrunge

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