Perspective // Dread EP


Darkness. All around me was a darkness. A darkness that clung to my bones and and cleaved at my faltering soul.

The anxiety inside of me, grew deeper and madder, my haunted thoughts hacking away at me bit by bit.

I could feel the darkness growing heavier, I could hear the voices growing louder. Voices so terrifying, they seemed possessed themselves, they torment me, “I’m in your head!”. Unable to move, unable to see….. these hauntings are slowing paralysing me.

The shadows engulf me, as the wailing continues.
With an almighty blow I feel my soul tear away from my body. It peels off me like a thick skin, sticking to my bones for as long as it can.

I can see it! It drifts towards the blackened skies. My lifeless body on the floor. Oh god! Is this finally my never more?!

I cry out. But the darkness silences the words before I can ever scream them.


Artwork by:
Alex Garant – Alex Garant Art
Instagram: alexgarantart

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